Assessments take place in my office in Upper Bucklebury, Reading, Berkshire RG76SD or agreed place .

Assessments involve:

  • listening/visual tests, reading/spelling/writing but most of the tests are puzzles and games which children and adults enjoy
  • a typed report is provided  with conclusions and recommendations for school, university or work.
  • free advice also given after assessment too

General educational assessments

  • if your child is not learning as others of their age in school, an educational assessment can be done to fimd out strengths and weaknesses.
  • literacy and numeracy tests can be done separately (children, students and adults) to find out current reading, spelling, writing and maths ages.


  • Full cognitive assessment with complete history of fine and gross motor (hands and feet) skills.
  • Written report for education purpose and extra time awarded (if eligible) for exams.
  • Recommendations given to help dyspraxic conditions.

Dyspraxia is a medical condition and an appointment should be made with your GP. 

My assessment would be for the education arena



  • Full cognitive assessment
  • Short answers needed to verbal and written maths problems
  • Maths test to compare with others of a similar age and indication of specific maths weaknesses (Numeracy, Shape and Space etc).
  • Written report with recommendations to help improve maths ability.


Multi-sensory tuition offered:

  • 1:1 tuition to match programme of work to own specific needs
  • 1:1 tuition to dyslexic children, students or adults
  • 1:1 tution to children, students or adults who want to improve their reading, spelling and writing/organisational skills