DYSLEXIA assessments for children, secondary students plus adults.  Please email for further info ......... all areas in the South considered including London.




- poor reading or speed of reading

- difficulty with remembering what you read

- poor handwriting or slow speed of handwriting

- difficulty with spelling

- problems with remembering things you  hear

- organisation

- problems remembering the alphabet/multiplication tables





  • listening/visual tests in the form of  puzzles.
  • underlying ability puzzles
  • cognitive tests are done - memory skills, phonological awareness (the sounds we hear in short term memory) and speed of information processing. 
  • visual and fine motor skills are tested with drawing puzzles.
  • if the printed moves or blurs when reading, you may need a specialist optometrist appointment - advice can be given.
  • The tests and puzzles take around 3 hours but can be done in one sitting as they are mostly puzzles.


Price:  £200 with an email report.


  • a typed report is provided with conclusions and recommendations for school, college  or work -   Price £350


Dont worry as:

  • there are a lot of things you can buy on line to help any weaknesses - recommendations will be included in the email/typed report. 





a definition of dyslexia...........

The Rose Report (2009) suggests "dyslexia primarily affects accurate and fluent word reading and spelling.  Characteristic features of dyslexia are difficulties with phonological awareness (ability to manipulate sounds in words), verbal memory and processing speed.  There is some evidence that dyslexia is associated with difficulties in processing information coming in via the senses, including visual and auditory information." 


If you have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties, you will need speciific type of help with multi-sensory lessons where all your senses absorb information better.